Barn With Inn
4859 Bealls Ridge Road
Wellsburg, West Virginia, 26070, United States
(304) 737-0647 "(304) 692-0141"
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The Barn With Inn at Highland Springs Farm: "a good place to roost for the night"

After many years of planning now it's time for guests to have the opportunity to enjoy the property as a reservation only bed and breakfast. The mission of Barn With Inn is to provide a unique farm experience focusing on farm life , animal care and local-farm-to-table foods. The motto is: Feed and be Fed!

Rural Elegance with a focus on mindful farming and farm-to-table foods.

The vision of Innkeepers Harry Sanford and Chatman Neely in creating Barn With Inn Bed and Breakfast is to provide a peaceful place for animals and people, while maintaining a commitment to land conservation and mindfulness of the gift of living on a farm. Both Harry and Chatman were raised in families with farming backgrounds. Neither of them planned to spend their adult years tending a farm, but “the rooster returns to the roost” and that’s what they did in 2003. Both have never looked back since purchasing Highland Springs Farm.

Providing overnight lodging and intimate events.

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Enjoy privacy, animals and ample areas for relaxation

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