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An attention-grabbing thing happened with our chickens the other day. Maura, who is helping me weed, was here weeding for a few hours and then they saw her from way up on our hill behind the barn.  She’s been here several times and they have been getting to know her by following her around seeing what she might find to offer them. For example they like being offered worms, a bug, or some weeds to rummage through. It’s so obvious they like her and now recognize her as one of the farmily (as I would say) but they would more likey consider her as one of our flock.  Anyway, when they realized she was here they all came running down the hill contently clucking all the way. Once they made it to her they were so happy to see who it was. This is where I realized what a cool thing it was to witness. They recognized her not for being here but for what she is to them. Their behavior conveyed both excitement and appreciation. It was gift to see this taking place. This recognition is nothing short of both important and special. They are good at celebrating life in themselves as well as in us and do make connections to humans as well as human behavior!! Hanging out with chickens is really cool!!!

  • black eyed susans