Barn With Inn - Wellsburg, West Virginia, 26070, United States

Barn With Inn

The Barn With Inn is part of a larger barn housing livestock and farming /gardening equipment. It was constructed in stages. The first section was a milking barn located in Wellsburg, WV that was moved to the farm in the 1980’s to house sheep. A new addition was added in the mid 1980’S constructed with local wood and salvaged materials. You can still see the milking shed within the barn. One-third of the barn is converted into two guest units, a half bathroom, and potting room. The other two-thirds houses livestock and is the feeding area for all the farm residents. Another barn stall has been converted into a seasonal bar and sitting area used for fund raisers, weddings and musical events.

Loft room

Barn With Inn
4859 Bealls Ridge Road
Wellsburg, West Virginia, 26070, United States
Call: (304) 737-0647 "(304) 692-0141"


The Barn With Inn at Highland Springs Farm: "a good place to roost for the night"

After many years of planning now it's time for guests to have the opportunity to enjoy the property as a reservation only bed and breakfast. The mission of Barn With Inn is to provide a unique farm experience focusing on farm life , animal care and local-farm-to-table foods. The motto is: Feed and be Fed!