Barn With Inn - Wellsburg, West Virginia, 26070, United States

Welcome to the Barn With Inn

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Meet the Owners

The vision of Innkeepers Harry Sanford and Chatman Neely in creating Barn With Inn is to provide a peaceful place for animals and people while maintaining a commitment to land conservation and mindfulness of the gift of living on a farm. Both Harry and Chatman were raised in families with farming backgrounds. Neither planned to spend their adult years tending a farm but “the rooster returns to the roost” and they did in 2003 and both have never looked back since purchasing Highland Springs Farm.

Barn With Inn, at Highland Springs Farm, (a working farm) is located in the accessible northern Panhandle of West Virginia. Innkeepers Harry Sanford and Chatman Neely have spent much of the last 10 years nurturing their 34 acre farm into a sanctuary for the animals they share the farm with.

The Inn keepers maintain seasonal vegetable, flower and butterfly gardens along with productive pastures and hay fields. Several walking paths, a swimming and fishing pond and an in-ground pool are located on the property for guests to enjoy. There are fresh water springs on the property; one is diverted to the barn to provide fresh water for livestock and another feeds the pond. There are two outdoor showers!! One is like showering in a bouquet and the other is near the barn guest units and the pool for convenience and privacy.

Barn With Inn
4859 Bealls Ridge Road
Wellsburg, West Virginia, 26070, United States
Call: (304) 737-0647 "(304) 692-0141"


The Barn With Inn at Highland Springs Farm: "a good place to roost for the night"

After many years of planning now it's time for guests to have the opportunity to enjoy the property as a reservation only bed and breakfast. The mission of Barn With Inn is to provide a unique farm experience focusing on farm life , animal care and local-farm-to-table foods. The motto is: Feed and be Fed!