Barn With Inn - Wellsburg, West Virginia, 26070, United States

Chicken Scratch:  I will be keeping track of our farm life with a specfic focus on our chickens and how they are helping us on the farm.  There is much to learn from our non-human neighbors we share our world with provided we take some time to do so!!!  Everyday I learn something from the critters living on the farm. Now that I'm no longer teaching full-time the farm will be my classroom. "The teacher appears when the student is ready to learn."   I've applied this notion to most of what I do for many years but spending time with animals gives me a new appreciation of what it can mean.  I'll be discussing our journey on a little farm from time to time and try to be consistent but we have much to do with the day-to-day activities on the farm.  We hope our guests enjoy and learn from our critters as we do.   More to come!!!

Barn With Inn
4859 Bealls Ridge Road
Wellsburg, West Virginia, 26070, United States
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The Barn With Inn at Highland Springs Farm: "a good place to roost for the night"

After many years of planning now it's time for guests to have the opportunity to enjoy the property as a reservation only bed and breakfast. The mission of Barn With Inn is to provide a unique farm experience focusing on farm life , animal care and local-farm-to-table foods. The motto is: Feed and be Fed!