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Barn With Inn Accommodations

Our guests enjoy the salt-water pool, boating on the pond, lounging in the hammock, going for hikes, playing with the animals, and perusing the butterfly gardens. Our comfortable accommodations feature private bathrooms, a pool changing room, a potting room, and an outdoor shower.


The Barn With Inn is part of a larger barn that houses livestock and farming/gardening equipment. It was constructed in stages. The first section was a milking barn located in Wellsburg, WV that was moved to the farm in the 1980’s to house sheep. A new addition was added in the mid 1980’s, constructed with local wood and salvaged materials. You can still see the milking shed within the barn. One-third of the barn is converted into two guest units, a half bathroom, and potting room.



Renovated from a barn loft previously used for storing hay. Large room with a sitting area, private bath with radiant heated floors and a small porch overlooking the butterfly garden. $165


Renovated from a horse stall into a modern guest room. Cozy and inviting with a traditional cabin front porch, ceramic tile floors, large private bath with walk-in-shower and radiant heated floors.



In the main house located on the first floor. Fashioned in colonial style with antique and rustic furnishings. 


A Peek at Barn With Inn
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In-town Accommodations 

For those who prefer a historical, small town experience over a farm experience, we also offer in-town accommodations with three rooms and a private apartment to choose from. 


The Historic Sarah Miller House, circa 1840, is located in the town of Wellsburg, WV along the Ohio River in the northern panhandle of West Virginia. Step back in time at the Sarah Miller House and get a glimpse into what this river town was like nearly two hundred years ago. The house is 6 miles away from Barn With Inn at Highland Springs Farm.









This is a large second floor room with a restful sitting porch.


This lovely second floor room offers a serene Ohio river view and a sitting area.


A brass double bed and a sitting area make Earnest a comfortable choice.


A private mid-century modern space facing the Ohio River and the courtyard.


A brief history of the Sarah Miller House

The house is situated at the north corner of Main and 9th Street (formerly Queen St.) on the site where the original land grant inhabitants who came from Brownsville, PA built the first cabin in the area. Their land grant included 400 acres to the North and East of their cabin. We're not sure yet whether Sarah Miller was a descendant of this frontier family, but are guessing that her family were early entrepreneurs
in Wellsburg. 

In its time, the home was built to impress. The foundation is cut sandstone around a five to six foot dirt floored basement. The walls are 3 bricks deep. There are 8 large rooms with fireplaces--two over two with a central stair hall in the section fronting Main St. and two over two, all opening to a two story rear porch, in the rear section along 9th Street. 

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